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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register my company in Servicities?

If you want to be part of Servicities, you just have to click on the following link:

How can I promote my services in Servicities?

If you want to be visible on the plataform and publicize your services between thousands of registered professionals, you can contract any of the two plans we offer (BASIC and PREMIUM).

How will I receive requests for my services from other companies?

You will receive all requests by other companies via email. The system will send to your email the contact information of the professionals who are interested in your service.

Why do I receive requests without contact information?

If you are enjoying the FREE plan, you have to keep in mind that you will only receive the first request with contact information. You will receive other request without contact information. But, don´t worry! You can expand your plan whenever you want.

How can I contract BASIC or PREMIUM plan?

Click here and hire any of our plans, following the steps easily and intuitively. Don’t forget to register your company as a service supplier.

How do you manage your service with the companies on the platform?

One of our advisors will contact you to confirm the image and visible data of your Promotion on the platform.

Are there renewals or automatic payments?

No. We are very careful in the seriousness and compliance of the agreed services and payments, because we are aware of the inconveniences that any administrative error can generate in your company.

How many requests will we receive as soon as we sign up on the platform with your Basic Plan?

The requests for specific services and those associated with your promotion will depend on the type of service, quality, cost and recurrence of the same in your sector. Our applicants are professional buyers who are looking for hiring a certain service for their company. To do this before making a contact they need detailed information about the companies, the services they offer in detail and consult references if necessary. This will undoubtedly differentiate you from suppliers that are not on the platform. However, it is essential to create content and promote it in the medium term, so we advise you to hire the Premium plan that includes all this work. This will undoubtedly increase the number and quality of requests per month.

Does Servicities intermediate in the sale of your services to other companies?

No. Once you have received the service requests, you will contact the requesting company directly to be able to offer your services and close the order as with any other client of your company.

What commission system will I be billed for?

We do not charge any type of commission, neither for lead or for sale. Thus, you will only have to pay the initial fee of the plan you choose, which covers each of the services included in it.

If I have contracted the BASIC plan, how can I extend it to the PREMIUM plan?

You can expand your plan at any time. To do this, you only have to notify our commercial team ( of your intention to start enjoying the promotion services.

What are mailing campaigns?

We have a large database formed by more than 50,000 companies that respond to the profile of management, marketing and technical buyer. We segment this database according to the interests of your company to reach your target audience.

I have seen several reference clients in the supplier profiles, can I check them?

Mouth-to-hear is one of the best ways to get to know a good provider in detail. The profiles of the service suppliers include reference clients so that any buyer can request the references they need.

How can I advertise my event?

We have a special plan for events in which, in addition to including you in our event calendar, we carry out a comprehensive promotion.

How can users of Servicities buy the tickets to my event?

In the profile of your event we will add a direct link to the ticket purchase page to facilitate the purchase process to the user.

How can I demand other services?

You just have to click in the service you are looking for (from our slide menu or home page) and fill in a simple form. Once completed, the system will automatically send the request to the suppliers of this service.