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Private security

Private security companies offer a service of protection and tranquility for those companies that request safeguard of the place of work, as well as of possible events that can be planned. The complex character of the activities included in this section makes it difficult for them to be hired by companies that are interested.


The main services are:

  • Security guards.
  • Security for events.
  • Training courses for surveillance.
  • Security consulting and advice.
  • Surveillance services for communities.
  • Services of alarms and video surveillance.
  • Auxiliary services: X-ray equipment for parcel and baggage inspection, metal detectors, microprocessor-controlled control systems, communication equipment (base equipment, portable equipment, mobile phones, pagers ...), defense and attack trained dogs, etc.

Private security useful files

In order to provide information and recruitment services between companies, Servicities has developed contracts and whitepapers of our services. Thus, we offer you a series of downloadable documents (only in spanish)