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Risk and damage evaluation

The risk and damage evaluation provides a basic service for the company to study the company's health and safety situation. Therefore, it offers a service of knowledge of the state of the facilities and work environment that is not only mandatory for companies, but is also key for its importance for the proper functioning of the company.The main objective for which the companies request the services of evaluation and risk is the diagnosis of the situation of the company with the objective to proceed to mitigate those failures or existing flaws and, in this way, to obtain a propitious environment with which it is possible to develop the activity of the company in the best possible way, as well as to lengthen its own life.when contracting these services, the requesting company must take into account a series of aspects. In order to make the final contracting easier for the company, we have gathered a series of fundamental considerations below.



The activities carried out by this type of company can be divided into two main blocks. On the one hand, the preventive measures that are aimed at not creating risks and, on the other hand, the corrective measures that arise to eliminate the problems encountered.



The main service offered by companies engaged in these activities is to identify breaches of the general and specific regulations applicable to the company based on their characteristics of size, productive activity, location, etc.