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Maintenance facilities

The companies dedicated to the maintenance of installations are in charge of offering complete services of prevention, maintenance and revision of equipment and installations. All these services are intended for the companies that require them to reduce costs, avoid possible damage, as well as prolong the useful life of the facilities they have.
In the following points we have summarized the main considerations that the requesting companies must take into account when demanding this type of services, with the fundamental objective that they can achieve the optimal final contracting for the requirements presented.



Facilities maintenance companies are not limited to a particular type of service, but offer a wide variety of services that are far apart from each other. In order for the requesting company to have an idea, we have compiled a list of some of the main services offered by the supplier companies:

  • Advice on issues related to the reduction or optimization of costs and energy consumption in its facilities.
  • Corrective maintenance, incidences, emergencies and breakdowns.
  • Conductive maintenance and routes for the correct and normal operation of the installations.
  • Tele-management and remote maintenance that allows remote access to monitor and manage equipment or work systems, as well as offer remote technical support. Some of the systems that can be accessed are: building control systems, SCADA systems, air conditioning equipment, generators, photovoltaic systems, cold rooms, UPS, CPD'S, street lighting.
  • Air conditioning maintenance.
  • Maintenance of locksmith and glassware.
  • Plumbing maintenance.
  • Maintenance of heating and domestic hot water.
  • Auxiliary services.