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Destruction of documents

The companies included in this section are dedicated to the destruction of documents, which are fundamentally confidential, although they can be in charge of the treatment of any type of documentation. Therefore, they offer a very useful service for any type of company, but especially for those that generate a large number of confidential reports or that require data protection. when hiring this type of service, the requesting companies must take into account a series of considerations that we have summarized below.



Some of the main incentives that lead requesting companies to hire this type of services are the saving of space and resources by not having to deal with the acquisition of shredding machines, or assign employees to such work. Related to the above, the fact of having a company specialized in this work, leads to the destruction activities are carried out in a better way, respecting compliance with the different regulations to be taken into account (data protection law and environmental waste management).



The fundamental service to which companies in this sector are dedicated is the destruction of documents, both paper and computerized. The process carried out is as follows. In the first place, the supplier company is in charge of the collection of documents. Secondly, it carries out the corresponding destruction and compulsory recycling in the case of paper documentation. Thirdly, the supplier companies will issue a destruction certificate so that the companies that have requested the service can be sure that the task has been carried out.



One of the main concerns of the companies requesting these services is the confidentiality which, in many cases, concerns the documents to be destroyed. Although all companies are obliged to protect the personal and professional data that may be found in the documentation, the requesting company may request a data protection commitment for greater peace of mind.