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Sales Force

The sales force refers to the set of human and material resources that a Company use to market their products or services. It knows the costumer needs, that's why it is considered one of the most important parts in marketing.

The main purpose of the sales force is to maximize the profit, making the most of those human and material resources. On the other hand, as Peter F. Drucker said, we should not forget that “the purpose of business is to create and keep a costumer”. 

There are two types of sales force, depending on the kind of contract. If the resources used belong to the company itself, it will be internal sales force. If the company prefers to contract that service to another company, it will be external sales force, also known as commercial outsourcing.  

The tasks that commercial outsourcing companies usually do are:

  • Development of the strategic sales plan. With the mission, short-term and long-term objectives, the action plan, etc.
  • Sales formalization. Following the specific strategies and steps established by each company.
  • Customer relationship and brand image. The intention is to make current costumers loyal and to win new costumers.
  • Setting prices. The company could set the sale prices if they think it is appropriate.
  • Control of results. Supervision, monitoring, process evaluation, preparation of reports, etc. Based on these results, improvement proposals will be determined if necessary.