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Administration and Accounting

Administration and accounting are a fundamental activity within any company. These are determined to carry out the control of the commercial and financial negotiations with the objective of obtaining a greater productivity of the activities carried out by the company, as well as of the available resources.

While the accounting department is responsible for obtaining an economic and financial visualization of the state of the company in question, the administration tries to optimize this situation, as well as to carry out the necessary actions to improve this situation.

When it is time to contract this type of service, the requesting companies are interested in certain aspects, which we have summarized in a series of considerations to take into account.


The main services carried out by these companies are those listed below:

  • Accounting management
  • Tax settlement
  • Treasury management
  • Financial and economic management
  • Accounts Payable Management
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Invoicing
  • Asset Management and Control
  • Control of management
  • Accounting and management reporting
  • Design of reporting for management
  • Financial and economic advice and implementation of more efficient work procedures

The above list presents a number of services related to the administration and accounting activities, however, the final company with which the services are contracted may present more or less services than those specified above, so it is an indicative list for the requesting company.



An important consideration for the requesting companies is to determine the type of company involved in order to be able to reach a final contract with a supplier company that meets the requestor's requirements. For example, the requesting company must declare whether it is an international company, its size (in terms of turnover, number of employees and/or number of installations), the sector to which it belongs, its seniority, its legal form, among other aspects. Although the companies dedicated to administration and accounting are specialists in these services and should not have any problem when managing any type of company, the truth is that they can present specializations in certain sectors or other particularities.



There are two types of companies with which the services determined above can be contracted. The first concerns physical companies, which offer their services through a specific headquarters or office. The second type concerns online companies, which operate through the Internet. Both types have similar associated benefits, since they offer the same services (each one referring to the type of activity they offer) but the contracting will be different depending on the type of business chosen.


Although we have already highlighted some of the main problems faced by small and medium-sized enterprises in other posts, we have highlighted the economic and financial difficulties, mainly.