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Sporting, recreational and entertainment activities

Under the title of sports, recreation and entertainment activities are collected a series of activities whose ultimate goal is leisure. Although initially conceived for unproductive moments, these activities can also, in themselves, involve the performance of professional work as well as being a suitable complement for a given company both in terms of improving the relationship between its members (among its members and external agents) and when it comes to attracting new customers.

The wide range of activities included in this category can be grouped into three main blocks. The first is for sports activities, which can be divided into four basic activities: management of sports facilities, activities of sports clubs, activities of gyms and other sports activities. The other two blocks (recreational and entertainment activities) can be considered together because of the considerable relationship between them. This second large block refers to an extensive range of services, which can range from theatrical activities, entertainment related services, among others.

Sporting, recreational and entertainment activities useful files

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