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Sporting, recreational and entertainment activities

Under the heading of sports, recreation and entertainment activities, there is a series of activities whose ultimate aim is leisure. Although initially conceived for unproductive moments, these activities can also involve, in themselves, the performance of a professional job as well as being an ideal complement for a given company both in terms of improving the relationship between its members (between its members and external agents) and when attracting new customers. Seven are the most important aspects when hiring the activities contained in this section.



The wide range of activities included in this category can be grouped into three main blocks. The first corresponds to sports activities, which can be divided into four basic activities: the management of sports facilities, sports club activities, gymnasium activities and other sports activities. The other two blocks (recreation and entertainment) can be considered together because of the considerable relationship between them. This second large block refers to a wide range of services, ranging from theatrical activities, services related to entertainment, among others.



More specifically, the companies engaged in these activities are responsible for the management of the facilities necessary to carry out these activities.
The management and/or administration necessary to obtain the required facilities can be carried out in two different ways: direct (with the real administration of the whole process necessary to obtain the place where to carry out the sport, recreational or entertainment activity) and indirect (providing ideas, advice or solutions that help the company to manage the whole procedure in a more autonomous way). Such management can be aimed at both the management and the advice of facilities and personnel needed to address the activity in the best possible way.
Although the main personnel involved in the activity will be the members of the requesting company, it is also necessary to hire monitors and/or other qualified personnel.
In addition to the management of facilities and personnel, another service provided is the organization of events related to such activities. The events are aimed at carrying out the contracted activity itself, so that it is the main service provided by this type of companies.
Another service that can be offered is that of activities for the members of a company on an ongoing basis. In this case, reference is not being made to the carrying out of an activity sporadically, but to the contracting of services persistent over time.
Although these are the main services, the provider company may offer some additional service, such as the promotion of the event organized. This service may be of special interest to companies that have contracted these services with the aim of attracting new customers or increasing professional relationships.