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Certifications are an important marketing tool by which consumers can distinguish products from each other. In this way, they establish a relationship of trust between producer and consumer, facilitating the matching process between supply and demand.

Certifications are not only useful for consumers, but also have a great advantage for companies, as they can be particularly interested in differentiating their products from the rest, especially when trading in foreign markets where competition is much greater.

In order to facilitate the process of searching for providers of these services, we have collected some fundamental considerations in the following points.



 The main areas of activity in which the companies providing these services work are:

  • Quality
  • Environment
  • Health and safety
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Social Responsibility
  • Information Security
  • Product and CE marking


The above list presents a number of areas related to certification activities, however, the final company with which the services are contracted may have a particular expertise in any of the areas, so this is an indicative list for the requesting company.



The most common certifications provided to companies are listed in the table below:



    ISO 9001 Quality management

    Q ICTE Tourism Quality

    ISO IEC 20000 Information Technology

    UNE-EN 13816 Quality Passenger Transport by Road

    UNE-EN 66926 Digital Tachographs

    UNE-EN 158000 Quality Social Services

    UNE-EN 66181 Quality Virtual Training

    UNE-EN 15017 Quality Funeral Services

    UNE 15038 Translation Services Quality

    UNE ISO 20252 Quality Research and Opinion

    UNE 175001 Small Business Quality

    UNE-EN 1176-7 Children's Areas Equipment

    UNE 93200 Services Charter

    ISO 31000 Risk Management

    UNE 166002 R+D+I Management

    UNE ISO 28000 Supply Chain Management

    ISO 27001 Computer Security

    UNE 166006 Technology Watch

    SGE 21 Ethical Management and Social Responsibility



    Accreditation of Health Centres

    UNE 179001 Quality in Dental Centres and Services

    UNE 179002 Quality in Health Transport

    UNE 179003 Patient Safety

    UNE-EN ISO 13485 Health Product Quality

    UNE-EN ISO 22716 Cosmetic Product

    UNE/IEC 25000 Software Quality

    Q Mark

    CE Marking Construction Product

    CE Marking Pressure Equipment

    CE Marking Elevating Devices



There are two types of companies with which the services determined above can be contracted. The first relates to physical companies, which offer their services through a specific headquarters or office. The second type relates to online companies, which operate through the Internet. Both types have similar associated benefits, since they offer the same services (each one referring to the type of activity they offer) but the contracting will be different depending on the type of business chosen. In this sense the commitment to carry out the activity can be signed in an office or by sending an email accepting the terms of the contract. Although you have given the form of contracting, both have the same validity and reliability. The most common types of contracts when it comes to agreeing on these types of services are usually the following. In general, the contract for the provision of services. More specifically, we find the leasing contract and the renting contract. In order to enable the requesting company to have an overview of the type of contract it will be entering into, some standard contracts are presented on the website.