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Consultancy is a service offered to solve problems, errors or seek new opportunities for improvement from within the company, executing its services and activities previously established in a plan of action agreed with the entrepreneur.
They will therefore offer support, guidance and support to other companies on certain aspects.
Consultancies are usually specialized in some type of field, then we will name the most common consulting services:

  • Strategic consulting services
  • Financial consulting services
  • Marketing and advertising consulting services
  • Human resources consulting services
  • Legal consulting services
  • Service of the technological consultancies
  • Environmental consulting service
  • Food consulting service

Throughout its life, every company sometimes needs the advice of a consultant, even if it is for a specific management.



There are two types of companies with which you can contract the services determined above. The first one is related to physical companies, which offer their services through a specific headquarters or office. The second type is related to online companies, which operate through the Internet. Both types have similar associated benefits, since they offer the same services (each referring to the type of activity they offer) but the contracting will be different depending on the type of business chosen. In this sense, the commitment to carry out the activity can be signed in an office or by sending by e-mail the acceptance of the terms of the contract. Although you gave the form of contract, both have the same validity and reliability. The most common type of contract when agreeing this type of services is usually the contract for the provision of services, but it is not the only one that the supplier company can use, it will depend on which is more appropriate to the company and its activity. In order for the requesting company to have a general view of the type of contract it will contract, some standard contracts are presented on the website.