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Coworking is a new way of working where freelancers, entrepreneurs and other independent professionals from different companies and different laboral sectors, work in the same space/office.

The main difference between a Coworking space and an office or a business center is that these spaces use to have a Community Builder, a person who try to generate a good work atmosphere that could lead to new job opportunities and help from other coworkers.

The great advantages of Coworking are:

  • The cost will be less than if you rent an office. Usually, all the expenses (water, electricity, Internet, cleaning service…) are included.
  • Deal with the loneliness of working at home. You will receive support and help from other professionals working in the same Coworking space than you. In addition, new projects may arise from the relationships created with other workers.
  • Discipline. It will be easier to work if you have a fixed schedule and a routine, you will gain concentration and productivity.
  • Flexibility. You can choose between hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly rental. In addition, some of the Coworking spaces are open 24 hours a day.
  • Professional workspace. You will have your own workspace well equipped, which will help and motivate you to work better. Normally, the Coworking spaces are well located, in the city center, and they have a lot of services that will make your business better, like meeting rooms, cafeteria, a space to socialize with other coworkers, etc.
  • It will be easier to separate your personal life from your work.


If yor are looking for somehting more than just a telephone, a computer and a chair to work, Coworking is what you are looking for. 

El Coworking es una forma de trabajo en la que profesionales independientes, autónomos, emprendedores y empresarios, que no pertenecen ni a la misma empresa ni al mismo sector, comparten el mismo espacio de trabajo. Son muchas las razones que pueden llevarte a querer desarrollar tu actividad laboral en un espacio Coworking, puedes seguir leyendo este post y descubrirlas.