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Data Protection


Data Protection is a fundamental aspect within any type of company. Having a service that guarantees the privacy and confidentiality of the data in question is a fundamental aspect of the proper functioning of the company. In addition, this service is not presented as voluntary for companies, but the Data Protection Law requires compliance by all of them, with monitoring by the Spanish Data Protection Agency to ensure effective compliance.

When searching for supplier companies dedicated to this service, demanding companies must take into account a series of considerations in order to facilitate the entire search process.



One of the main considerations that the requesting companies take into account when contracting with data protection companies is the services they offer. In this way, we have compiled a list of key services:


  • Adaptation of the requesting company to data protection regulations.
  • Adaptation of web pages to comply with current regulations.
  • Training for security and/or data protection officers within the requesting company.
  • Legal support and legal defence. Management of complaints and/or denunciations before the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
  • Permanent legal advice and representation before the Spanish Agency of Data Protection.
  • Data Protection Audit.

    The above list presents a series of services associated with the activity of Data Protection. However, the final company with which the services are contracted may present more or less services than those specified above, so this is an indicative list for the requesting company.



Another important consideration when contracting this type of service is to specify the size of the requesting company in terms of the number of workers, as well as to specify, from this number of workers, how many have access to personal and professional data, in order to achieve a service more in line with the company's requirements.



Determining the number of companies and/or professionals with whom the company has a relationship is particularly important when contracting Data Protection services.



All data protection companies must be accredited by ISO/IEC 27001 certification, which is a commitment to guarantee and professionalism. Therefore, the requesting companies must consider whether the supplier with whom the services are contracted complies with this certification.



There are two types of companies with which the services determined above can be contracted. The first relates to physical companies, which offer their services through a specific headquarters or office. The second type relates to online companies, which operate through the Internet. Both types have similar associated benefits, since they offer the same services (each one referring to the type of activity they offer) but the contracting will be different depending on the type of business chosen. In this sense the commitment to carry out the activity can be signed in an office or by sending an email accepting the terms of the contract. Although you have given the form of contracting, both have the same validity and reliability. The companies dedicated to these services use similar types of contracts, which will depend on the one considered most appropriate to the company, as well as its activity. In order to enable the requesting company to have an overview of the type of contract it will be entering into, some standard contracts are presented on the website.



In order to provide information and recruitment services between companies, Servicities has developed contracts and whitepapers of our services. Thus, we offer you a series of downloadable documents (only in Spanish).