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Prevention of occupational risks

Companies dedicated to the prevention of occupational hazards offer a service that seeks to promote the safety and health of workers through the identification, evaluation and control of hazards and risks associated with a productive process, besides encouraging the development and implementation of activities and necessary measures to prevent risks arising from work. Prevention of occupational hazards tries to act on those factors or conditions of work that can negatively affect the health of the worker. In short, it seeks to protect the health of workers.

One of the considerations that the applicant company must take into account to contract these services is to which technical discipline correspond the services that are intended to request, which are:

  • Job security. Set of actions aimed at the identification and evaluation of the risk factors involved in work accidents, and the control of their possible consequences.
  • Industrial hygiene. Industrial Hygiene is the set of actions dedicated to the identification, evaluation and control of those chemical, physical and biological agents present in the workplace that can cause illness.
  • Ergonomics and applied psychosociology. On the one hand, Ergonomics is called the science of well-being and comfort and proposes the adaptation of the job to the person. On the other hand, the Psycho-sociology deals with those organizational factors of work that can affect the well-being or health (physical, psychological and social) of the worker, as well as the development of the work itself.
  • Work Medicine. Knowing the health status of the workers of a company is the key piece in the elaboration of Prevention Plans.

Prevention of occupational risks useful files

In order to provide information and recruitment services between companies, Servicities has developed contracts and whitepapers of our services. Thus, we offer you a series of downloadable documents (only in spanish)