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Companies included in this section offer a service of great utility for those companies that have conditions and characteristics that allow them to get a certain help. In this way, companies dedicated to grant management facilitate the whole process of obtaining such aid and subsidies, saving time and resources, as well as achieving the maximum contribution that corresponds to the requesting company.



One of the fundamental aspects that the requesting companies take into account when hiring a particular company is if it provides the services that the requesting company is looking for. To do this, we have collected the main services offered by the company dedicated to the subsidies given that the requestor has an idea of all the associated services that can request:

  • Advice and consultancy on the possibility of obtaining some
  • Plan an action plan to make these possible aids effective
  • Location of the various administrations granting aid
  • Consultations and presentations of the projects before the administrations
  • Preparation of dossiers necessary to obtain the grant or aid
  • Procedures for collection of amounts receivable
  • Alerts service for new associated grants