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Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficiency consists of reducing energy consumption, maintaining the same energy services, without reducing comfort or quality of life, ensuring supply, protecting the environment and promoting sustainability.

Energy Efficiency is not only about possessing the latest technologies, but also about knowing how to use and manage available energy resources in a skilful and efficient way, which requires developing energy management processes.



  • Lower production costs, as it consumes less energy per unit produced.
  • Contribute to the fulfilment of environmental requirements.
  • Improve global competitiveness.
  • Increased available generation capacity, which allows the use of the available electrical system for other uses.
  • Less energy waste and less pollution generation.
  • In order to measure the level of energy efficiency, several indicators need to be established where this level is monitored and measured.

This requires an energy audit, which will tell us figures such as consumption, costs and improvements.



 The actions for energy efficiency are:

  • Energy shift
  • Technological improvements
  • Optimization of industrial processes and automation
  • Temperature management
  • Air conditioning
  • Power improvement



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