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Industrial laundry

Industrial laundry companies are designed to facilitate the complex and costly process of maintaining clothes and other textiles within the company. The process is not only complicated by the enormous amount of textiles that the company can present, but also by the industrial washing machines and other specialized personnel that the requesting company may require and that would suppose a much greater investment than if it contracts this type of services. Therefore, industrial laundry services present a large number of benefits that the requesting companies must take into account when planning the laundry process in their company. Both these benefits and other important considerations when contracting this type of services are specified in the following points.



The services offered by companies in this sector (which form a complete cycle of textile care) are listed below:

  • Collection of clothing and textiles
  • Washing and drying
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Ironing
  • Delivery
  • Textile rental
  • Care of special textiles, e.g. when dealing with a company in the health sector

The above list presents a series of services associated with the industrial laundry activity, however, the final company with which the services are contracted may present more or less services than those specified above, so it is an indicative list for the requesting company.