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Nowadays, having good business software has become an almost vital need in any company, whether it is an SME or a multinational. Improving productivity and the way you work within a company or organization is the goal of implementing a good software program.



    The choice of software will depend on the nature of the business, but above all on the budget you have, being possible both to access free or lowcost software, and to request the creation of a customized software at 100%, thus providing the highest quality to your company.

    It must be possible to interact between the different areas and departments of the company, so it will be necessary that in one way or another it covers all the departments from sales, warehouse, statistics... etc.

    It should be positively valued that the company in charge of software distribution offers direct remote assistance services with a technician who can resolve technical questions or incidents.



    You will save time and reduce costs.

    You will make the management of the business a simpler task, making it possible for all employees to use it, thus generating efficiency.

    At the management level, with all the company's data located on a single platform, it will be easier for the company's managers to make the right decisions.



When we talk about software, it does not refer to a single solution, but to one of a wide variety of computer applications including: customer management programs, human resources, administration... etc.

  • CRM (customer relationship management), is a customer relationship management software.
  • ERP (enterprise resource planning): Enterprise resource planning software.
  • PLM (product lifecycle management): Product lifecycle management software.
  • SCM (supply chain management): Supply chain management software.
  • HCM (human resource management): Human resource management software.

We can decide where to install the software, at the time of purchase, in many cases the price will vary depending on the installation we choose.

  • PC SOFTWARE: These are those that need to be installed on the local network server for all workers to have access to it.
  • CLOUD SOFTWARE: These are those programs and applications that are hosted on the Internet or on their own server and provide customer service through a network connection, their main feature being that they do not need to be installed.


Software last news

Pese a no existir ningún tipo de relación en sus orígenes, la complementación de un software CRM junto con una solución ERP ,en el mismo programa, es más que una realidad evidente. Para entrar en materia y aclarar por qué no existe ningún tipo de relación entre ellos a priori, y aun así hacen una de las mejores combinaciones con la que puede contar cualquier tipo de empresa,explicaremos de manera muy breve sus inicios y beneficios:

La transformación digital ya es un hecho. A pesar de que hace unos años este concepto era sólo eso, una idea, actualmente se ha convertido en la base de la estrategia de no sólo grandes empresas, sino también de las pequeñas y medianas. En este sentido, sabemos que el proceso de adaptación es mucho mayor en las pymes y, por ello, hemos querido destinar este post a exponer las principales ventajas que supone la transformación digital en todo tipo de compañías.

Para evitar caer en generalidades, hemos enfocado la entrada a exponer las ventajas de las que se pueden beneficiar todas aquellas entidades que han decidido decantarse por la utilización de software específicos (como ERP o CRM) para digitalizar sus procesos empresariales.

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In order to provide information and recruitment services between companies, Servicities has developed contracts and whitepapers of our services. Thus, we offer you a series of downloadable documents (only in spanish)