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About Us

Servicities is a professional platform designed to facilitate the contracting of services between companies.

With more than 16 years of experience in the field of professional purchases, we offer an optimal solution for the promotion and acquisition of customers for service companies.

Although many of our users belong to SMBs, more and more large companies trust in our services.

In our eagerness to offer an integral solution in the business field we also work hand in hand with organizers of fairs and events with the aim of providing to our users the main events they can attend.

How do we work?

We provide the service companies with all kinds of actions that, in addition to getting clients for your company, allow you to enjoy a total promotion.

Thanks to this you will not need to diversify each of the advertising actions you want to make, but we will take care of all the marketing strategy of your company. We value all advertising trends, presenting your brand in a much more dynamic way through personalized catalogs and presentation videos or betting on the most powerful marketing actions: diffusion in social networks, content generation, email marketing, among many others.

Our work does not end here! In our eagerness to become an integral platform in the business field we also work hand in hand with your company to give maximum dissemination to your event. Whether you are a company that organizes events or have launched a specific event, we include it in our calendar to make it known among our entire community and increase the number of attendees to give it the widest possible reach online.

Our values

Personalized service.
We know that each client is different and, therefore, we adjust the proposal to your needs.

Commitment to the customer.
Our main objective is that our customers are satisfied. Therefore, we establish a mutual commitment so that the client perceives that we always keep our promises.

We want to offer the highest possible quality in our services and, for this reason, behind Servicities there is a team of expert professionals in each of the areas.

We keep informed at all times of the actions we are taking, as well as presenting the results of each one of them.

Continuous contact with the team.
One of the main value offers we offer is precisely that we walk hand in hand with our customers.

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