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Travel Management

Travel management appears as an effective solution to the complex process that results from the planning and subsequent execution of a particular trip for the requesting company.

The process is not only complicated by the difficulty of planning all the necessary aspects to carry out the business trip, but the fact that the company is made up of multiple people and departments means that it is more difficult to carry out a final contract according to the specific needs and requirements. In addition, the lack of specialized personnel in the companies makes possible to hinder the management and not to obtain the most advantageous hiring in terms of reservation of tickets, lodging or other necessary additional service, as well as not to achieve to align the pursued objectives with the business trip with the trip finally achieved.

Therefore, hiring companies specialized in the analysis, management and execution of trips for companies may be the key for them to achieve a simpler and more effective planning in the sense that the trip is more in line with the objectives and requirements demanded.



The wide range of services that travel management can offer makes it possible for demanding companies to cover all aspects necessary for their trip.

  • Reservation of tickets. The company will be able to choose the means of transport that it considers to be the most appropriate and best suited to the needs of the trip.
  • The accommodation is presented as a fundamental aspect at the time of concreting a trip, both particular and business trips. The companies will be able to delimit the type of lodging that they prefer: hotel, hostal, among others. The choice of one type of accommodation or another will depend mainly on the preferences and needs of the company, although the planning entity may recommend the most suitable form of accommodation according to the project.
  • Integral planning of congresses, meetings and/or conferences. In this case, the companies carry out feasibility studies of the project, prepare an appropriate budget, analyze the possibilities of subsidies, promotion of such conferences, as well as plan all the details of it.
  • There are several additional services that a trip can entail: renting vehicles, planning tourist visits, contracting insurance (cancellation, among others), tourist guides, translators and interpreters, among others.