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Vending ( dispensary meals and / or drinks)

The food and beverage dispensary or vending is conceived as a precise complement to the set of activities that are carried out in a company. The need for food and/or beverage vending machines, as well as water and/or coffee dispensers, may be of interest not only to the employees of the plaintiff company, who may benefit from having a tool to access food products, but also to customers, who may find it of great benefit when they have to spend long waiting periods in the company in question.



The vending service presents a wide range of specialties. The companies dedicated to the dispensary of food and/or drinks are dedicated to provide these machines to different types of companies, so they can carry out a specialization in a certain type of company or institution or be dedicated to provide the service to those who demand it, without differentiating the type to which it belongs.

Some specializations by sectors that vending companies carry out, can be: hospital and assistance, industries and companies, sports, tourism, university institutions, hotels or any other type of more specific field.



Although the vending service is presented as the mere purchase or lease of food and beverage vending machines and water and/or coffee dispensers, the truth is that there are a number of associated services. The process carried out by the supplier company - from the moment in which the requesting company carries out the request - is specified in the following phases:

  • First, it carries out an analysis of the quantity of machines needed to meet the needs of the requesting company. Such an analysis can be carried out autonomously by the supplier company, i.e. carry out a study according to the size, number of employees and/or number of customers or be limited to the request of the company.
  • Secondly, the vending company is in charge of the installation in the requesting company.
  • In third place, the supplier company will carry out a continuous maintenance function of the machines, taking into account the correct operation of these machines, as well as carrying out their operation on a regular basis.



The wide range of products offered by companies dedicated to vending machines make them suitable for any company that requires a different cafeteria service. The foods offered range from cold drinks, sweets, salty products, to special food for celiacs or other special products.

In addition, the contracting company can choose the form of payment for the products (whether the machine can accept bills or not), although this type of service is less common and is, above all, associated with what the supplier company deems appropriate.

With regard to water and coffee dispensing machines, most of them will be free. The water sources are 100% free.