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Air Conditioning

Air conditioning companies provide a basic service that guarantees comfort and a favourable environment for the members of a given company to carry out their work in the best possible way.
This service is especially necessary at certain times of the year, especially when high temperatures prevent workers from performing their duties properly. Moreover, the benefits of these services are not confined to the employees of the requesting company, but to all the agents who may frequent the company. When contracting with this type of services, the requesting companies must take into account a series of considerations, which we specify in the following points.



The companies dedicated to air conditioning services are usually especially related to air conditioning in general (in addition to any other service in which they may be specialized) so the services they offer are not only those concerning air conditioning, but also heating. In spite of this, in this section we will only specify the aspects that refer to the specific service. In this way, the companies that provide this service not only sell air-conditioning equipment as such, but also offer more services:

  • First of all, as soon as the requesting undertaking requests the need for such equipment, the supplier advises the requesting undertaking of the appropriate quantity of equipment required according to its characteristics. Although the supplier may advise the applicant, the latter may place a specific order without the supplier making any suggestion. However, advice can be of great help since the company that offers these services is made up of professionals, experts in this type of services.
  • Secondly, the supplier company assumes the installation of the equipment required by the applicant company.
  • Thirdly, the air-conditioning company deals with any problems which may arise in connection with the appliances and the proper functioning of the requesting company.

Although these are the general services provided by air-conditioning companies, each company may offer some type of service different from those specified. Even so, practically all of those undertakings provide the specified set of services.