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Market Research

Companies engaged in market research offer a service which, in principle, could be atypical or striking, since it is not an ordinary service or is contracted to a large extent. However, it is becoming more and more important in the market, probably because it is a service that is especially useful for start-ups, as well as those that create a new line of business or are immersed in a new project.
Although the service could be carried out within the company, without requiring an external company, the truth is that the professionalism and experience of the companies dedicated to market research make them especially attractive to achieve that the requesting companies achieve a service more appropriate to their objectives.
In order to facilitate the hiring of these services, we have listed below some key considerations to be taken into account by the requesting company:



Market research can generally be carried out in two ways. On the one hand, requestors may require a quantitative service or, on the other hand, a qualitative service. Another type of study presented by some companies is social research (which is planned for the study of problems and needs of the population).



The main consideration that the requesting companies take into account when hiring any service is the amount of activities by which it is composed, with the ultimate aim of achieving the service that best suits their specific needs. For this reason, we have drawn up a list of the main services included in the market study or research.

Market analysis
Sector analysis
Analysis of the competition
Consumer analysis
Study of advertising campaigns
Measuring economic, event and advertising impact
Pack test
Launch Tracking
Price test
Satisfaction surveys
Web Evaluation

In addition, to offer such services, companies require the following methodology:
Face-to-face and telephone surveys (CAPI and CATI)
Simple and in-depth interviews
Discussion groups
Mystery Client
Direct observation
Price and product checks
Pseudo-experimental techniques

Nowadays, as globalization is consolidating, more and more companies are starting to export services in order to find new markets and increase their customer base. However, we often encounter greater difficulties with regard to trade in goods, especially in the legal sphere, since we cannot export any kind of service, such as, for example, health and education, which are services of public interest.