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Employee Benefits

The companies dedicated to employee benefits provide a service of motivation and loyalty for the employees of the demanding companies.

A company in which its employees feel part of it, as well as have the perception of how important they are within it, they feel more motivated and, consequently, their performance is higher. In this way, the supplier companies offer these incentives dedicated to obtaining better results on the part of the requesting company. Although the contracting of these services is not widespread, the importance of this type of service means that it must be considered by any company.

In order to facilitate the hiring of these services, we have listed below some key considerations to be taken into account by the applicant company:



One of the fundamental aspects that requesting companies take into account when hiring a particular company is whether it provides the services that the requesting company is looking for. To this end, we have collected the main services offered by the company dedicated to profits for companies given that the plaintiff has an idea of all the associated services that can be requested:

  • Helps for food
  • Aid for transport
  • Aid for reconciling work and family life
  • Gifts

The above list presents a series of services associated with employee benefit services, however, the final company with which the services are contracted may present more or less services than those specified above, so it is an indicative list for the requesting company.


Merchandising has become one of the most widely used marketing techniques in recent years - who hasn't attended an event and taken a corporate pen as a gift? It is clear that this is a way of making our business known very cheaply, as we force the consumer to remember our brand without the need for large investments in advertising.
In this post we wanted to reflect the alternatives most requested by companies, including both more typical gifts, as some more innovative ideas with the aim that you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your business.