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Pest Control

The companies contained in this section are dedicated to providing services to control different types of pests, with the clear objective of achieving hygiene within the institution, creating a safe space and high environmental quality. This objective is presented as indispensable for any company that seeks to achieve stability within the various types of posts, as well as maintain a quality of products and services offered by the requesting company. Therefore, although it may seem that this is an unusual service, it is of great importance in the event that the company suffers from some type of plague that interrupts its proper functioning.
The requesting company, when contracting this type of services must take into account a series of considerations with the aim of achieving a final recruitment that meets the requirements of those who started. All these appraisals are set out in the following points.



This type of companies present a series of services that can be specified attending to two main aspects. The first has to do with the services offered by pest control companies. These are the following:

  • Pest control: disinfection, insect control, rat extermination, wood pest control, bird control and hygienic supplies.
  • Fumigation.
  • Prevention and treatment of legionellosis.
  • Prevention in general.
  • Analysis of water, food and surfaces.
  • Wastewater analysis.
  • Preparation of HACCP protocols.
  • Other services.

Associated to these services, we find a series of plagues that can appear in the company:

  • Woodworm (pest control in wood)
  • Termites (wood pest control)
  • Cockroaches (desinsectation)
  • Ants (desinsectation)
  • Flies (disinsectation)
  • Mosquitoes (disinsectisation)
  • Rats (rat extermination)
  • House mouse (rat extermination)
  • Birds (bird control)
  • Legionellosis problems (prevention and treatment of legionellosis)

The main services associated with the different pests are shown in parentheses, although different services may be offered if the company in charge of pest control so deems.