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Press Releases

A press release is a written release that is addressed to members of the media as editors of newspapers, radio stations, television, etc., with the aim of publishing something interesting that reaches a particular audience. It is therefore a particularly interesting service for the promotion of companies.

Those companies that have never requested this type of service must take into account a series of considerations in order to facilitate the search and final contracting of this service.



Although there is an immense amount of media in which to publish press releases, we have included the main ones in the following list:

  • Press
  • Radio
  • Television
  • Social networks
  • Blogs



When the requesting company intends to publish a certain press release, it can access a company dedicated to this type of service. The latter may offer the requesting undertaking two possibilities as to how to carry out the service. The first consists of hiring editorial services to carry out the press release according to the interests and needs of the requesting company. The second option is that the requesting company itself writes the press release and, once it has been written, sends it to the supplier company. Once the press release has been prepared, the companies engage in its communication, distributing it through different channels, as well as providing information on the impact of the press release.



In order for the requesting company to have an idea of the requirements that the channel chosen for the publication may impose, we have selected some of them. First, the content may be required to be valid for all audiences. Secondly, that the content does not only address the advertising aspect. Third, there may be restrictions on the number of words contained.



There are two types of companies with which the services determined above can be contracted. The first relates to physical companies, which offer their services through a specific headquarters or office. The second type relates to online companies, which operate through the Internet. Both types have similar associated benefits, since they offer the same services (each one referring to the type of activity they offer) but the contracting will be different depending on the type of business chosen. In this sense the commitment to carry out the activity can be signed in an office or by sending an email accepting the terms of the contract. Although you have given the form of contracting, both have the same validity and reliability. The most common types of contracts when it comes to agreeing on these types of services are usually the following. In general, the contract for the provision of services. More specifically, we find the leasing contract and the renting contract. In order to enable the requesting company to have an overview of the type of contract it will be entering into, some standard contracts are presented on the website.