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Financial Services

Companies included in this section offer essential services for any type of institution. In this way, the acquisition of credits and / or advice on savings, assets, investment funds, among others can help the requesting companies to maintain the good economic functioning of the company, as well as to make investments that allow them to increase the volume of business. Therefore, the activities that are collected under financial services are basic for any company and at some point in their life will require this type of services.



One of the fundamental aspects that the requesting companies take into account when hiring a particular company is if it provides the services that the requesting company is looking for. For this, we have collected the main services offered by the company dedicated to financial services given that the requestor has an idea of all the associated services that can request:

  • Financing services (credits)
  • Stock Market Advice
  • Asset Management and Asset Management
  • Advice and management of savings
  • Services related to banking
  • Financial leasing
  • Investment fund management
  • Factoring