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Gestión de compras

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Juan Merino Gomez


Teléfono: 967221602

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Responsable de Ventas. Sales Manager

Albacete Area, Spain

Gestión de Compras


Gestión de Compras

Gestión de Compras is a company formed by purchasing, quality and manufacturing experts, created in response to many companie’s need to improve their negotiation processes and purchasing terms in keeping with the current market demands. Thanks to our experience in international sourcing and industrial project development, coupled with the power of new technologies, our clients have been able to access the most competitive markets to acquire strategic products. PRODUCTS: Metal - Casting - Forging - Machining - Sheet metal - Tube and profiles - Metal Injection Moulding - Sintering - Extrusion and wire drawing - Wire forming - Assemblies - Boiler works and pipe fittings Rubber and rubber-metal - Rubber and rubber-metal injection - Compression-transfer - Rubber extrusion - Silentblocks - Oil seals and O-rings Plastic - Plastic injection - Plastic Blowing - Plastic Extrusion Electricity and electronics - Photovoltaic modules - Motors - Pumps - Alternators y Generators - Cables - Electronic components - Mica materials Mechanic - Gas springs Moulds, dies and tools - Injection and Blowing moulds - Rubber moulds - Casting moulds - Industrial supplies Auxiliary processes - Welding - Embossing-Engraving - Heat treatments - Chemical treatments - Coating - Oiling - Shot blasting Other - Bird control - Air conditioning parts - Road safety and urban furniture - Hotel supplies - Chemical Products

C/Nueva, 35
02003. Albacete (ES)