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Tratment of wastes

Under the title of waste treatment are collected a number of companies dedicated to the management, purification and treatment of waste that can generate any company with the usual development of its activity. The main advantage of the companies that hire this type of services is the tranquility that contributes to the waste they have produced are eliminated in the safest way possible.

A major differentiation in this type of service is the treatment of hazardous or non-hazardous waste. The difference is key when carrying out your treatment, since in the case of hazardous waste, the supplier company must ensure that the entire process is carried out with maximum security. The plaintiff company must be aware that this is so, demanding this safety given that it does not harm the environment or other agents.

Tratment of wastes useful files

In order to provide information and recruitment services between companies, Servicities has developed contracts and whitepapers of our services. Thus, we offer you a series of downloadable documents (only in spanish)