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Employment Agencies

Private employment agencies appear as a complement to the state agencies dedicated to this service. Although this work initially belonged mainly to public entities, private agencies have been gaining prominence by facilitating labour intermediation. These are designed to facilitate labour insertion, especially for groups that are difficult to integrate, effectively identifying the needs of companies and the qualities of human capital in order to facilitate final hiring between companies and employees.



Requesting companies may request the services of a private employment agency for different reasons, although the fundamental one is to find profiles of employees that fit their requirements. Therefore, the main service offered by this type of company is the intermediation between future employees and companies that require manpower.



One consideration that has great relevance when contacting employment agencies is to establish the type of company involved. This aspect is of great relevance for the recruitment agency to be able to filter those workers who best adapt to the requirements of the requesting company, ie to facilitate the matching process between requestors and employers.