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It is undeniable that when Christmas approaches all companies start to think about what to give to their employees. In this sense, although the vast majority of companies bet on the same gift year after year, the truth is that more and more companies prefer to surprise their employees.

In this post we wanted to reflect the alternatives most requested by companies, including both more typical gifts, as some more innovative ideas with the aim that you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your business.

Maintaining a good working environment, as well as providing certain benefits for employees is fundamental to achieving their motivation. This is essential for the company to achieve more profitability, since with happy workers, we are reducing absenteeism and, at the same time, retaining talent.

For all these reasons, Christmas can be an ideal time to reward employees for work done throughout the year, as well as to contribute to that increased motivation.

The following is a list of the gifts most demanded at Christmas:

Christmas baskets

It’s the greatest gift and it couldn’t be any other way. The variety of products it can contain, as well as the tradition that exists around this product, make it a success.

Personalized gift

This option is most commonly used in smaller companies where each employee is well known and, in this way, the gift can be adapted to the employee’s tastes to make it even more special.

Invisible friend

There are companies in which, because they have a more limited budget or because they prefer it, have begun to opt for the invisible friend to just have to give once.

Other gifts

Do you want to give something really original? Well, you can bet on other types of less common gifts such as trips or other activities. These are becoming more and more fashionable and can be a good excuse to organize a joint getaway for all team members.

If you are not entirely risky and want to continue betting on a safe gift, choose your Christmas basket at Servicities now.

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