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The work of a lawyer has always been associated with the generation of a large amount of documentation. The processing of all kinds of procedures, obliges lawyers to be continuously writing all kinds of papers.

Despite the fact that, traditionally, it has been considered that the problem of storage was fundamental in this profession, the truth is that over the years other inconveniences have been detected. Among them, the loss of time derived from transcribing the texts.

In this post we intend to deal with these two major problems faced by lawyers: the lack of efficiency from transcription and document management with the aim of making available to all offices the solutions available to achieve savings in time and costs in these tasks.

The digital transformation has made available to all new and attractive facilities when carrying out any type of work. In this sense, while years ago lawyers had to transcribe texts by hand, today it is much more common to use computers and tablets. In addition, all sorts of solutions have begun to emerge that make it easier to transcribe documents much faster and more accurately.

Possibly, these are the ones that are reporting the greatest savings in time and costs for law firms in recent years, as they provide lawyers with tools that are very simple to use and that even allow transcriptions using only the voice.

As we presented in the introduction, together with the lack of efficiency derived from the reproduction of writings, we found the problem of document management.

A lawyer is obliged to work with documents in all types of formats: paper, Word, etc. In addition, these documents must be stored. Here again, we find great diversity in the media: personal computers, office computers, tablets, file cabinets, among many others. In order to avoid that all these documents are scattered, solutions also appeared that allow to store all the documentation in an only place.

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