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limpiezaSetting up a cleaning company is relatively easy if you do it on your own, but to do this you have to consider the following points:

  • The first point you have to consider is what services your company will offer. We mean whether it will be a commercial cleaning company focused on services to other companies, or whether it will be a cleaning company dedicated to portals, private homes, etc.
  • Normally a key point for attracting customers is the location of the company but in our case this point does not have much importance, since we will base our success in attracting attention to the customer, because in this sector when a customer would call us would surely be so that on the same day or even time the cleaning is done.
  • Another point to highlight in a cleaning company is to have at least one warehouse where all the materials can be stored.
  • Before launching the company do an analysis of the market, use the benchmarking technique, will help you to analyze the competitors and improve your competitive advantage.
  • The promotion of your services is as important as customer service, from my point of view I would not rule out online marketing, think it is free and reaches the public. Another option you can take is to advertise yourself through brochures or even if you are a commercial cleaning company, calling companies or visiting them.
  • With regard to the legal part, a civil liability policy must be taken out, and of course the legislation in force in relation to data protection, prevention and the environment must be complied with.
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