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Recruitment is one of the most complicated tasks of the human resources department. In this sense, both the search for candidates (recruitment) and the subsequent selection are tasks that can be carried out in different ways.

As we know that not all companies have a human resources department specialized in recruitment, we have highlighted in this post the alternatives that exist in the search and selection of personnel. Thus, we have highlighted three main recruitment channels, including the human resources department itself, as well as an external consultancy or even digital solutions that have become increasingly important in recent years.

Human Resources Department

Most large companies have a human resources department that is responsible for publishing both digital and print media new offers available. In this way, in many cases they are supported by the marketing department, which is responsible for achieving greater dissemination of the offer, as well as carrying out more specific actions.

External Consultancies in Human Resources

The external consultancies are presented, basically, to offer the basic services that the human resources department of the company could carry out, if the company had it.  Beyond providing a service for companies that lack this department, outsourcing of services is becoming increasingly common among all types of companies due to the better results obtained, as well as the savings inherent in this type of practice.

Digital Solutions

In recent years, software has begun to emerge to facilitate all types of business transactions. These also include the search and selection of candidates. In spite of the ease with which these types of solutions can be used, the truth is that basic notions are needed to achieve optimum use of them.

Once the three main recruitment channels have been analyzed, having a human resources consultancy may be the best option for both small and large companies. Leaving these tasks in the hands of professionals can be particularly interesting. For this reason, in Servicities we have experts in the recruitment of digital profiles.

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