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Nowadays, as digital media is gaining in importance compared to traditional media, a greater emphasis has been placed on image, which affects the design of company marketing campaigns. This is where the growing importance of videomarketing lies.

To help you improve your campaigns and make them much more effective, we have collected a number of tips that can be very useful:

  • Videomarketing is a relatively cheap medium and therefore does not require a high investment. This is one of the reasons why this trend is ideal for both small and large companies.
  • It is important to establish a series of objectives that justify the videomarketing campaign (such as, for example, increasing the portfolio of leasing companies). These objectives should be measured, to see if the campaign is being effective or to analyze the possible failures that the campaign may have.
  • A video strategy must be created and diversified in order to maximise the dissemination of the video.
  • Although the video has to give an exhaustive description of the services that the company offers to its clients, it is necessary to be very careful with the duration of the video, since as it happens with B2C businesses, the client company must maintain the attention in order not to lose detail of the characteristics of the business.
  • Include customer testimonials is interesting as they can show the world their experience with the company, which will improve the company’s own reputation, leading to a greater number of customers interested in the services.
  • It is necessary that in the videomarketing campaign, there is a call to action, in order for the target audience to make decisions when using the services offered by the company. It is also necessary to include all the links that the company has, so that they can know it better.

In Servicities we want your service company to adapt to the main trends in digital marketing. Therefore, our plans include the creation of a video so that you can present yourself in a much more dynamic way.

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