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Merchandising has become one of the most widely used marketing techniques in recent years – who hasn’t attended an event and taken a corporate pen as a gift? It is clear that this is a way of making our business known very cheaply, as we force the consumer to remember our brand without the need for large investments in advertising.

 In this post we want you to know more about merchandising and the main benefits you can enjoy if you bet on this marketing technique.

Most marketing and advertising agencies define merchandising as a marketing technique designed to stimulate sales. Typically, this method includes studies of how best to present the product or service to customers. In addition, different techniques are required to make the product or service more attractive to potential consumers. More specifically, in this entry we will focus on merchandising understood as the gift of corporate products to potential consumers.

Once the definition of merchandising has been presented, all that remains is to set out the 5 main benefits of this methodology:
  • Increase sales

 As we said in the definition, this technique seeks an increase in sales. In fact, it has been shown to have a much greater influence on impulse buying, favouring it.

  • Issuing stocks

Many companies are committed to giving greater visibility to products that have not been sold with the ultimate goal of making them available.

  • Enhancing brand reputation

By making these kinds of selfless gifts, we can make our company more generous and professional.

  • Greater profitability with minimum investment.

This is one of the benefits most valued by companies, as it allows them to make themselves known with a minimum budget.

  • Strengthening of the brand-customer relationship

It is more than obvious, that with this type of gifts we are generating brand image permanently, since these products do not disappear as it happens with newspaper or television commercials.

 In order for you to enjoy all these benefits, we recommend you to contact Servicities , our trusted provider of business gifts.

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