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The new year begins and so begins the planning of the marketing strategy that will accompany us throughout the year. For this reason, we have included in this post a summary of both the main trends and the main marketing challenges faced by all professionals in this sector.

Thus, the entrance is divided into two main parts. On the one hand, we will present the main trends and, on the other hand, the marketing challenges we will have to face in order to be adapted to these new trends.

Main marketing trends in 2018:
Quality content

Inbound Marketing continues to be postulated as the main alternative to increase traffic to our website, as well as the number of potential customers.

Our advice is not to fall into the trap of creating content without prior planning, since the current saturation forces us to think of higher quality content, much more interesting. We just have to think about the topic that attracts our potential client and publish a more innovative article.

Dissemination in different formats

Closely related to the previous point, it is key to disseminate the contents in different formats. In this sense, omnicanality will continue to be a major player in 2018.

Influencers and affiliation

Relying on influencers and other professionals can be key to reaching a wider audience.

Video-marketing and live broadcasts

These more dynamic actions are becoming consolidated as one of the major trends. In fact, many companies are already betting on presenting their company through a video rather than through the typical dossier.

In order to adapt to these trends, we must address the following marketing challenges:

User experience

Knowing the behavior of our user and buyer is one more priority to be able to adjust the entire marketing strategy to what the customer really needs.

The downside of this marketing challenge is the need for a large investment in technology.

Customization and automatization

These two marketing challenges go hand in hand. Once we know the user’s behavior, we must orient our campaigns to them, making a segmentation according to them, using tools that allow us to optimize the time thanks to the automatization of tasks.

Communication messaging

In order to achieve a much more direct and continuous communication with our user, it is recommended to include chatbox, both in our social networks and on the website.

Continuing education

This is possibly one of the most valuable marketing challenges and it is that having qualified and updated human capital is key to adapting to the trends that appear year after year in the field of digital marketing.

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