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Digital marketingDigital marketing is one of the most relevant issues for companies, since as the Internet has appeared, the communication barriers between companies have been reduced, guaranteeing a greater scope of the services that marketing produces for their customers. This has a number of advantages, which we consider important for the survival of the company itself:


Marketing On-line Advantage
  • It allows us to connect more directly with our target audience, which gives us the opportunity to understand better the needs and problems that companies have and customize services. Likewise, it will be easier for us to solve the problems they may have with our service, either in this channel or in the other channels used by the company. This, in addition, can guarantee us a more lasting relationship between our company and its customers.
  • Easy to monitor the number of visits. This is important, as this number of visits can give us a more or less accurate idea of the potential customers who are interested in our company. This number of visits could increase significantly if customers are satisfied with the service we offer, as they can use word of mouth.
  • Digital marketing helps us to make a more graphic description of our service, which will help us to promote it better. Likewise, we can provide a series of representative data of our company, in order to transmit our positioning to the client.
  • Generates a higher return on investment. Although this is not necessarily the case, the fact that a service company decides to make a digital marketing campaign, having a greater reach in relation to our target audience, will allow us to obtain a greater number of customers who demand our services, resulting in higher income, all with a low initial investment, compared to traditional marketing media.
  • It guarantees access to larger markets, allowing us to obtain a larger portfolio of customers, but it will also force us to be exposed to greater competition, which can generate incentives to try to grow and be better than our competitors.

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